My passion for eyewear was born in childhood. As a boy, I was fascinated as my grandfather, Robert Bollé, led me through the shops of the family manufacturing plant. I could sense the importance he placed on rigorous attention to detail, on striving for perfection, from sketch to finished product.

From my grandfather, who achieved one of the greatest success stories in the French eyewear industry, I inherited this deep respect for the values of craftsmanship and artistry. These values are the foundation of EDWARDSON, my own vision of high-end eyewear.


Only premium raw material is allowed in the production of EDWARDSON eyewear. My acetate is selected exclusively from Mazzucchelli’s for their unique range of colors and their exceptional quality.

In my collection, the handcrafted- quality label is paramount. My eyewear is crafted one-by-one by our french artisan chosen for their tradition of excellence and “savoir-faire.” This small-scale production by experts ensures that I achieve the perfect finish and unique touch that meet my high standards.

My sunglass lenses are developed in-house where rigorous quality control requirements ensure the best possible eye protection.


Inspired by emblematic pieces of artistry culled from the history of sunglass fashion, my collection melds the vintage spirit with my passion for modern design.

Optical frames with sleek lines of natural elegance, sunglasses with strong personality , EDWARDSON is the definition of  “chic-trendy” style.

Pure design, premium materials, and unique finish: this is the DNA embedded in EDWARDSON!